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Monday, September 10, 2007

Episode #10 - Fitting / Measuring Gauge

This is a quick and easy shop made measuring gauge that I use for trimming and fitting stock to final dimension. It is made of two thin strips of hardwood (in this case cherry) held in position with a spring binder clamp. I basically lightly loosen the clip and slide the strips tight against the space where a piece of trim is being fitted. I then transfer this dimension to the table saw or chop saw. This is often better than using a measuring tape. Sometimes I will add the thickness of a card or folded piece of paper when the dimension is transfered to the miter saw. This will “spring” the piece for a tight fit or help hone in on the dimension with several fine cuts.

I keep several sizes close by on my bench for various sized openings.

Simple pieces make-up this gauge. Two thin strips of wood and a spring binder clip.

Below, the gauge is being used to measure the dimensions for a thin plywood insert to conceal the pocket screw construction.

Below, you can see one end of the gauge registered against one edge of the dimension being measured.

Below is the final fit of the plywood insert.

Finis for now!

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Neil....a Furnitologist said...

David: This is a really good shop tip. Have a use for it already.