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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Episode #2 - Welcome to my Shop!

Welcome to my shop!
I hope this will be a fun look into a small garage based woodworking shop. This blog and video podcast will share some of my shop experiences and projects. I have a keen interest in the melding of traditional and contemporary woodworking techniques and materials.

My First Shop Tour Video

I can’t help but think, that given modern materials and techniques, that our founding fathers would have just as likely used dimensionally stable sheet goods such as plywood in their frame and panel construction or that they would not hesitate to pull a router out from the bench side tool cabinet to apply a decorative edge or plough a dado. I am sure that they would have smiled given the chance to push a
Lie-Nielsen jointing plane down a fine piece of cherry or strike a fine line with a Blue Spruce marking knife! After all, they were using the best tools, materials and techniques that they had available at the time.

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