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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Episode #14 - Stanley Bench Plane Restoration Part II


My Stanley Bench Plane restoration project is progressing well. All parts have been cleaned of rust using the electrolytic rust removal process described in the prior blog entry. I was really impressed with how clean the parts were after the electrolytic de-rusting process. As a reminder, this is NOT a plane with intrinsic collector value. I am restoring this “user plane” to be used on my bench. Before using any of these processes make sure you do not de-value your plane if it has value as a “collector plane”. The plane body came out of the electrolytic bath sparkling clean. I decided to remove the blue japanning for a couple of reasons. First, I really like the clean smooth look and feel of the cast iron. Second, as this is a user plane, I wanted to see how well I could clean the iron as a reference for any future projects. I had initially planned on reapplying the blue japanning, however, I am now considering keeping the utilitarian look of the raw cast iron. I will most likely “Parkerize” and wax the plane body for protection from rust. The black plastic tote and front knob were cleaned, waxed and lightly buffed. Next step is lapping the sole and sides followed by replacing the plane iron and chipper with a heavier set from Hock Tools. Check out The Craftsman Studio for another source of great tools and Hock Blades!

For comparison, this is how the plane looked before beginning restoration.

Plane body after electrolytic de-rusting and stripping blue japanning.

Close-up of plane mouth and front knob.

View of the plane sole after electrolytic de-rusting.

Close-up in front of the tote showing product numbering.


Anonymous said...

Your images do not load. Is there an alternate link for them?

David Pruett said...

The photos seem to load OK this morning (1/2/08) on three different browsers (FireFox, Safari & IE) with two different computers. Please let me know if continue to have problems.