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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Episode #33 - Cyber Woodworking Interview #1

Cyber Woodworking Interview #1
Todd Clippinger - American Craftsman

I had a great New Years Day afternoon speaking with Todd Clippinger. This is a long download but worth the time. Todd shares some insight to his approach to design and craftsmanship. I think you will be surprised what his favorite tool is!

Below are some quotes from his website.

American Craftsman

Todd A. Clippinger - American Craftsman started in 1997 with a residential remodeling business. He was never satisfied with the ordinary and has made it a personal goal to give exceptional design solutions to his clients.

Researching designs for historically referenced projects led to an interest in and further studies of history, design, furniture, and architectural styles. His perspectives, derived from a remodeling background, have given him a solid understanding of which methods stand the test of time and which do not.

Todd considers himself to be a Designer/Craftsman. “The term woodworker is a bit simplistic and just doesn’t seem to cover it all,” he states.

“American Craftsman does not refer to a specific design style,” he goes on to explain,”but rather, to an adherence for the principals of quality and integrity in craftsmanship and design.”

Todd A. Clippinger - American Craftsman works out of his studio and workshop in Billings, Montana. Todd specializes in custom fitted and free standing furniture.

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