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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Episode #34 - New-Fangled Workbench - Part V

Happy New Year from The Folding Rule Show!

This episode continues the build of my modified New-Fangled Workbench with final dimensioning and glue-up of the central tray structure of the bench. I used my Festool Domino to glue up the bottom of the tray.

In the next episode I will put a slight radius (1/4) on the face clamp holes and complete the tray subassembly.

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neil said...

Hi David:

I was wondering number were the cranberry muffins??? and number 2, What is your procedural thinking in building the tray first???? Are you going after a completed top???
Also in your design change in adding the "T" track,....what tools are you thinking about, planing????

OH........I like the opening take200.


David Pruett said...

Neil -


The cranberry muffins were great!

I am building the tray first because at a bear minimum I need a workable top for the next project. Already started dimensioning timber. As you may have noticed I need a good work surface! Time to move up from saw horses and an MDF sheet.

I have a bunch of ideas planned for the T-track which will be the focus of future episodes. FMT, planning, assembly fixtures and jewelry type metalworking are a few teasers to think about.

Take 200 . . . kind of funny but I thought I would throw that in because I was on a good run of false starts that day!