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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Episode #35 - New-Fangled Workbench - Part VI


The old axiom, you can never have enough clamps, sure is true! This episode shows construction of the center tray sub-assembly. Routing a 1/4" radius on the face clamp holes is a nice finish detail. A practice dry clamp run indicated that the best approach was to glue up each side individually. I enlisted the assistance from a special shop helper to rotate the glued-up assembly to clean glue squeeze out off the bottom.

The astute viewer will notice that the side rails for the tray are different than those from Episode #1. I did not want to bore anyone with a repeat drilling of the side rails. The reason for the change is . . . well change! As I played with the design in SketchUp, I settled on a different top construction which ultimately meant redoing the side rails. More on that in a later episode when I will go over a small model of the top.

Clamping detail
Rockler clamping jigs help maintain 90°

Everything is square!

View down the inside of the tray


neil said...

Hi David:

I'm able to visualize about 85% now....COOL.....the T-track still has me wondering. 1. how you will use it and 2. are the vertical T-tracks holding the planing beam?? You got me stumped there. Hurry-up darn it.

David, I went back to all the posts to get the overall length and didn't see it, you may have mentioned it in the materials video, what is going to be your overall footprint?? Also, I realize you're using casters, is the final bench location against a wall or between bays???

Oh......was that Mom..yelling into the shop...."you better not get glue on that sweater".


David Pruett said...

Neil -

Thanks for the comments!

The vertical T-track is for the planing beam. The horizontal T-track are for a removable V-block, face clamps and additional clamping / support fixtures.

I need to post the dimensions from the SketchUp rendering. The bench will be 66 inches long, 35 inches high and approximately 30 inches deep.

The bench will be located in between the rear bays in the garage with access from all sides. It will be a multipurpose bench. A secure clamping platform to develop and refine hand tool skills, an assembly table, and a support for power tool operations.

I am planning on board power, shop vacuum, air compressor and vacuum pump. Beth and the kids got me a really nice portable shop light for the bench.

Just for a future teaser, I have a lightweight detachable torsion box tabletop (4' x 6') for the top on the drawing board to give me a larger assembly surface and a support for the vacuum press. This will be my first experience with a corrugated cardboard core.

Beth is always yelling to keep glue off the clothes and to not track sawdust into the house!

Thanks for watching my garage antics!