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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Episode #25 - Ezee-Feed Demo

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Woodworkers throw away your unsteady roller stand once and for all!

My last Ezee-Feed video was a bit of a teaser as I unpacked and started the installation process. Well I finally got the Ezee-Feed system installed on my saw and had a chance to test the system with a sheet of 3/4 shop plywood. What a sweet accessory! As you all may know, I have a very small shop. This system allows me to cut sheets goods without any help. Think about that . . . no help . . . for me that means no longer having to coax my wife into the shop to help with an awkward task. Just that alone makes it worthwhile addition to the shop!

As a side note, my saw guard was left off for clarity while shooting the video . . . something I would not do on a regular basis.

This video demo of the Ezee-Feed infeed and outfeed system for the table saw will show you a better and safer way to cut rough lumber, plywood, MDF, melamine & other sheet goods. Ezee-Feed is the perfect solution for both the large production shop and the small garage or basement shop. Reduce back strain and kickback. Increase shop production and efficiency. Order yours today from
Ezee-Feed Manufacturing!

Ezee-Feed Manufacturing

Lee Jesberger
Proudly made in USA!

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