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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Episode #27 - SketchUp Plans - INKLE LOOM

Inkle Loom Photo Gallery

Inkle Loom SketchUp Plans

I am out of town this week so not able to be in the shop. I do have an interesting project starting up just before or after Christmas. In the mean time, I have been playing a lot with SketchUp. I know the more I use the program that the better I will be – much like other things in life! Pushing my “SU comfort zone”, I decided to revisit the inkle loom. This would provide some challenge for using round shapes, slots and intersecting components.

This inkle loom was a fun project built for a weaver who contacted me from the Lumberjocks website. It was built from material rescued from the scrap bin! I enjoyed researching and learning about inkle looms. The loom is made of steamed cherry and red oak.

Joinery is mortise & tenon cut on the Leigh FMT and Miller Dowels.

Finish is 4 coats of tung oil, 3 coats of lacquer and 2 coats of wax.

The loom includes 6 shuttles to carry the weaving threads.

Inkle weaving has been around for centuries. Since early times, these narrow woven strips were used as belts, headbands, bag handles, or straps to tie and support things. Bags for gathering and carrying were fabricated by sewing together the woven strips. Recently, the inkle loom, and the woven tape it creates, enjoyed a huge cultural revival. In the 1960's woven tape from inkle looms was used for guitar straps and clothing trim.

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1 comment:

neil said...

Hey who in the Pruett Clan has a twinkle with the "Inkle". Pretty interesting history. Funny......if I look hard enough, I believe I have an imitation of this style weaving for a guitar strap.

In looking at the link, I found it interesting, that "warping" in Inkle weaving is a good thing. I noticed in your photo, you got a bunch of "shuttles"....somebody is very serious about "inkling". My curiousity is up!!!!

OH....had a hot chocolate last night in my new thermal mug.

Thanks for the "Inkle" knowledge!!