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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Episode #30 - New-Fangled Workbench - Part II

Plans and construction for my workbench continue. The design comes from the New Fangled Workbench designed and built by Fine Woodworking Shop Manager, John White. I just finished rendering the final SketchUp rendering for the top component. While construction has already started, I have been exploring the design with SketchUp primarily as an exercise challenge to help push my fledgling SU skills! This bench really appeals to the "McGyver" in me! I really like the flexibility. I think this will be an excellent solution for a blended woodworker. True to the spirit of all woodworkers, I will add my own spin to this remarkable bench.

As I mentioned in my first blog entry about this workbench, I am planning some design changes from the original. The front and back edges will have inset Kreg Tool Company Mini Tracks for a planing beam, clamping fixtures and fitting accessories.

The top is a laminated structure 1 3/4 KD douglas fir with 3/4 maple overlay. The removable panels are baltic birch plywood that will rest on 3/4 inch ledges along the inner well. These panels are press fit secured with inset rare earth magnets. The magnets engage a 1/2 steel strip flush mounted on the support ledges.

SketchUp has been a very welcome tool in my shop. SU allows detailed exploration of construction and design alternatives. It is very enlightening to visualize relationships between various components of a project. Next step is to work on a model of the stand. There are some surprises in store on how I plan it integrate the stand and bench top. Stay tuned!

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