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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Episode #38 - New-Fangled Workbench - A Photo Update

You (almost) need a bench to build a bench . . .

No video but I got photos! I spent the couple of days pushing forward on the legs for my version of the New-Fangled Workbench. The legs are 3-1/2 square Douglas fir joined with loose tenons using a Festool Domino. The legs are joined to the bench top with walnut Miller Dowels.

Festool Domino

Miller Dowel System

The rare-earth magnets have been installed on the center board. The magnets make for a very firm and solid fit which takes a bit of effort to lift . . . just what I wanted. Interesting thought when you consider what do you build a bench on if you don’t have a bench.

Makes me realize how much I need this bench! This is the reason I pushed forward with the leg construction. I am building this bench on my saw horses. It moves around easily on the horses letting me know that it needs legs to bring it to life.


Mark said...

Hey David,

It looks like you are making great progress on your bench. The design changes you are making to it look to be very functional.

It is interesting to me that you are permanently attaching the bench top to the leg assembly. I guess with a ground level shop that is possible. With my shop in the basement my bench top just sits on the legs with some bullet-shaped dowels to keep it in place.

Nice work!

The Craftsman's Path

David Pruett said...

Mark -

Thanks! You make an interesting comment about design and leg attachment which further solidifies the fact that ultimately our benches are personal tools that reflect not only our work but our shop environment as well.


neil said...

Hi David........

JEEEZ!!!!'re really cook'in.

We're looking at the back of the bench in the photo's... right???? I'm not picturing the planing board any longer with the T-track.

Is Matt going to be strong enough for the flip???? How much weigh you think????

Super David........Neil

David Pruett said...

Neil -

Thanks for the comments!

I am doing my best to push forward as I have some dimensioned cherry that needs a good solid surface to begin joinery.

You are looking at the front of the bench where the planing board will attach with T-tracks. All I did was eliminate the vertical pipe clamp supports for the planning board and substitute T-track. I will be able to remove the planning board and attach some additional fixtures using the T-track.

Funny you should ask about the weight! I was just thinking of that this morning. It will be heavy, but that is what I want. I'm tired of chasing things around on a lightweight sheet of MDF on saw horses.

I think Matt is up to helping flip it when the time is ready!