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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Episode #42 - New-Fangled Workbench Part XI

The next series of updates will review construction of the leg assembly and casters.

Legs & Casters Part III

Follow along as I struggle (just a little!) with the mounting of the sled feet and stretcher assembly to the bench. The episode concludes with a quick primer on sharpening the card scraper . . . a very valuable tool in the shop.


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Thank you for the teaching!

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neil said...

Hi the little didee you were humming :)... What no coffee...again!!! Looking for your coffee is like Carol Burnett pulling her ear.

Nice quick set-up with the wood screw for touching up the card scrape....seems we get into routines and forget to adjust. I have to remember that approach. Quick, simple,right there in amongst the work.

The mineral spirits gave a nice feel for what we can expect...I'm getting antsy for the flip and your first use....should be fun!!!

Thanks for mentioning 1 year, much appreciated!!!


Mark Mazzo said...

Hey David,

Just saw this episode. Thanks for the reference to the blog - much appreciated!

Your doing a really nice job on the bench. Love that Douglass Fir. I wish we could get that here in New York. The only decent construction lumber we have here is labeled Hem-Fir and it is softer than the Doug-Fir and not nearly as pretty.

Also, good tips on the card scraper - probably my favorite tool in the shop. So simple, but so powerful as a tool.

Keep up the good work.


The Craftsman's Path

David Pruett said...

Neil & Mark -

Thanks for stooping by! I appreciate your input.

Neil - there is always some Sisters Coffee somewhere near my work area! Happy 1-year Anniversary again. You do such a wonderful job teaching & stimulating the creative process. Thanks!

Mark - Your sight is a favorite spot of mine to explore. Lots of great stuff! I love your Queen-Anne side table.