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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Episode #47 – Cherry Pedestal

Cherry Display Pedestal – Part II
Veneering - Preparation

This episode covers the initial veneering considerations for the panels. The panel substrate is 1/4 MDF hardboard. MDF is and excellent veneering substrate because it is dimensionally stable and very flat. The outer veneer is flat sawn 2-ply cherry and the inner veneer is flat sawn 2-ply maple. The 2-ply veneer, ordered from Veneering Supplies at Joe Woodworker, comes in 4x8 sheets. I took care to carefully select and center the best grain pattern on the panels. In this case the cathedral patterns were the “design elements offered up” by the cherry veneer sheet. Now, I think I’ve heard that statement somewhere before! After seeing how these panels turned out I am glad I paid attention to optimizing this design element.

Breather mesh is a plastic mesh fabric that allows air to flow away from the project being pressed and towards the vacuum bag port. The mesh is used in place of a top platen allowing even distribution of vacuum pressure throughout the vacuum bag.

I had some technical problems with my microphone, so please accept in advance my apologies for the poor audio quality!


neil said...

Hi David:

Glad to see the Sister's "Black Butte Gold" so prominent in this episode.

Nice diamond....overlay...."just kidding" :) ...had a laugh there.

You got me all curious now, with matching panels with double flares and the back panel with 3, you're going to have to put the pedestal on a lazy susan when you video the completed build.

I'm imagining you've already found something pretty for your doors???

Printed off the FWW link/article in the previous episode on flat panel. The sandwich idea to get a better quality and thicker panel is a neet idea. That is a good article.

Looks like you are having fun, I noticed you pulled something out of your private stash for future use......(a quizical) uuhhmmm!?!?!?!


David Pruett said...

Hey Neil

As always thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am using heavy duty Black Butte Gold to help power out on the project!

That veneer that I pulled out and set a side was some rift cut clear cherry veneer . . . something for the future. You know how much I like cherry so I couldn't resist a good deal.

I like that FWW article with the better quality and thicker panel . . . something to consider for flat panel construction!

I am assuming from your comment that I should bag the diamond overlay detail? . . . :)

Thanks again for all the support and advice!


Mike said...

Hi David,
I love your site. I found you on the Woodwhisper Network and I have watched all of your videos. The transformation from rough Doug Fir to the New Fangled Workbench – Nice! I see that you have taken a lot of inspiration from Neil Lamens – he is a great craftsman and very knowledgeable. I watched his vacuum press veneering episodes relative to the lingerie chest as well as your series on veneering. You both have inspired me to try my hand at veneering. As such, I have been researching vacuum presses on There is a lot of information to assimilate on this site and I am reaching out for some advice on which system to purchase. What pump/press did you purchase? What were your considerations in making your decision? Likes and dislikes (if any) about the press you purchased? Your opinion is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

David Pruett said...

Mike -

Well you just made a garage woodworker very happy. Thanks for the kind comments!

I have taken a lot of inspiration from Neil Lamens, and I agree that he is a great craftsman and very knowledgeable. I would say he has been the most tangible and influential woodworker affecting my methods of work and the way I view the approach to projects.

As Neil said in his blog & DVD, "veneering opens up a whole new aspect of woodworking." I find Neil's passion for design and woodworking energy very inspiring. I made the veneering leap and have never looked back.

Check out this link for a quick primer of veneering resources.

Veneering Primer

I will likely upgrade my vacuum pump in the future to a heavy-duty intermittent cycled pump. Currently I am using a very serviceable continuous run pump. I did get the biggest polyurethane bag that my pump could handle (4 x 4). Getting a good quality bag will be a good investment. I have been very happy with this size, although as with all things a bigger bag may be in my future as well!

Hope this helps!

I have three more veneering episodes to post on the cherry pedestal. Right now I am busy working the pedestal and trying to recover from a bad bout of the flu.