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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Episode #48 - Special Shop Visitor

Kelsey Visits the Shop

One of the best experiences for me is when my kids spend some time in my shop. It is a chance to spend some real quality time. I have been under the weather with a bad virus so I thought this would be a fun shop update since I have been too sick to do any woodworking. In a future episode I will share some of my son Matthew’s woodworking.

Kelsey's Concept Shop Drawing
• Top Drawing - Dunking Chair
• Bottom Drawing - Iron Maiden

My daughter Kelsey is a high school freshman and a marvelous dancer. The video intro music is a little up beat in honor of my favorite dancer. The video is an impromptu shot while Kelsey was using the bandsaw. She is working on a school project for Global Studies. They are studying the Salem Witch Trials. Part of her group presentation is to make a small demonstration of the torture devices of the period . . . not my cup of tea but what can you say when your daughter asks for help and wants to do a “wood project” for school. She is making a model of a dunking chair and an “Iron Maiden”. We started off by beginning construction of the Iron Maiden. Kelsey is doing all the work with some careful guidance and a very occasional extra hand. We had a friend join us for the evening, our dog Tenaya. I have to say I am pretty proud of my daughter!

Kelsey at the Bandsaw

Our "Shop Dog" Tenaya
(Australian Cattle Dog)

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