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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Episode #52 - The Kreg Jig

The Kreg Jig & Pocket Screw Joinery

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Deadline April 30, 2008

We all have various tools and jigs in our shops that help streamline workflow. One tool that I am particularly fond of is The Kreg Jig. I have used this wonderful tool for a wide variety of projects ranging from outdoor construction to various pieces of furniture. Below I have a list of sample projects and links below to illustrate the utility of The Kreg Jig.

The simplicity of using this tool was obvious when I showed a group of Boy Scouts how to use The Kreg Jig to help build cedar planters for a service project. With minimal instruction the boys were making tight and accurate joints.

In a previous blog post I mentioned my interest in both hand and power tools. I am slowly working on honing fine hand tool skills. I say slow not due to desire but due to the learning process. I realize we have many choices as woodworkers in how we approach joinery and the process for each project.

I try to constantly use all the methods available in my shop while striving to widen my skill set.
When I decide to use pocket screws, the majority of the time I rely pretty heavily on the Kreg Jig K3 Master System. For larger jobs I will pull out the Semi-Automatic Kreg Foreman. I was fortunate to get an awesome deal on this machine from a local cabinet shop upgrading to a bigger machine.

This episode shows The Kreg Jig being used to install the bottom and top shelves in a cherry display pedestal. The pocket holes in the top shelf sub-assembly will be hidden by the glued-up 3/4 cherry top. The pocket holes in the bottom shelf will be visible only from underneath the cabinet. The joinery choices here include groove & tenon, sliding dovetail, loose tenon (router jig or Festool Domino), biscuits, dowels or pocket screws. I think I listed all the choices! Ultimately we make a decision based on aspects of the project and available shop tooling. I’ve used pocket holes in a similar situation on a previous project so that is how I decided to proceed.

Do you have a Kreg Jig?

If so, please send me a photo and description of your favorite project using the Kreg Jig. Be sure to include your name, mailing address and email.
This is just for fun. If I get enough responses, I will host a drawing on a future episode of The Folding Rule Show.
The winner will receive one of my spare (new in package of course) Kreg Jig drill bits and a jar of my beeswax screw lubricant. Those drawn second and third will also get a jar of my beeswax screw lubricant. This is just my way of satisfying my curiosity of what fellow woodworkers are doing with The Kreg Jig while providing some way of thanks for taking the time to send me your Kreg projects.

This is one of my first shop video clips. I was using The Kreg Jig to build a cherry display shelf for an art gallery in Central Oregon. The Kreg system allowed me to build the shelf quickly and accurately with minimal clamping. After seeing the shelf in the gallery loaded with works of art I felt satisfied with the project and building technique.

Some of my Kreg Projects
(click titles for links to individual projects)

Click for details: Bedside Step Stool

Click for details: Steamed Cherry Display Stand

Click for details: Cedar Privacy Fence with Pocket Screw Joinery

Cedar Planters – Boy Scout Service Project

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