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Friday, April 11, 2008

Episode #54 - A Great Woodworking Podcast

A Great Woodworking Podcast

Podcasting for the Serious Woodworker

This is a blatant plug for an awesome woodworking podcast. I pretty much follow two podcasts on a regular basis: Neil Lamens at Furnitology and Thomas MacDonald at The Rough Cut Show.

If you are like me, hungry for another great woodworking podcast, you have to check out Thomas J. MacDonald aka T-Mac aka T-Chisel aka T-Chizzz on The Rough Cut Show. The show covers the construction of a beautiful Bombe Secretary in an entertaining and truly unabashed T-Mac style. He is an absolute blast to watch and there are some great learning points in every episode.

More importantly, The Rough Cut Show “Ask The Masters” forum has started a groundbreaking project. Approximately ten forum members are participating in a unique internet woodworking classroom collectively building a Crazy Leg Federal Table. The sole purpose of the project is to explore Federal style legs and embellishments such as stringing, banding, fans and inlayed bellflowers. So check it out and perhaps join the forum group and build your own Crazy Leg Federal Table!

A sneak peek at the Rough Cut Forum
Crazy Leg Federal Table

Tommy's Official Website: Thomas J. MacDonald Fine Furniture

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