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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Episode #55 - Cherry Pedestal - Moldings

Cherry Pedestal Photo UPDATE - Moldings

As I have alluded to recently, I made a decision to forgo video of this project in lieu of making progress toward as rapid a completion as possible. A much as I enjoy pausing to set up the camera for some footage I also realize that it takes a lot of extra time. This photo update shows the application of transition moldings to the base and top.

There is something to learn with every project, and for me this project has offered many. One thing was an opportunity to learn about moldings. I was fascinated with the names of the various molding profiles and how they are the building blocks for classic architecture. It is interesting that the moldings used in furniture are directly related to similar elements used in building construction.

The moldings used in this cherry display pedestal are very simple. A 3/8” x 7/8” cherry bullnose astragal-type profile (a true astragal has upper & lower fillets) begins the transition from the plinth followed by a 3/4” cove.

The transition from the case to the top is a small 1/4” Brazilian (Jatoba) Cherry quarter round. This thin dark line provides a nice subtle visual separation for the displayed bonze artwork on the top.

I made a simple table saw miter jig to cut the moldings resulting in nicely fitting miters.

The moldings were glued and secured with a few headless 23ga pins. The only cross grain situation was at the quarter round and width of the top. I was careful to isolate the quarter round molding from the top by not pinning to the top and with a thin film of wax along just the top edge of the molding to prevent glue adhesion.

The last detail for this update are the “shelf stays” (for lack of any other term) which help keep the shelf firmly secure at the front of the case when the doors are opened. I just did not like the idea of the shelf being loose so this was my solution.

It was a great day in the shop which ended with the door panels in the veneer press. Next on the schedule are hanging the frame & panel doors, detail sanding & scraping, finish and hardware installation.

Almost done . . . !

Some Interesting Molding References

Moldings: The Atomic Units of Classical Architecture

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Anonymous said...


Great article! This is another great resource for astragal's.

David Pruett said...

Many thanks for the comment and the resource link!