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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Episode #63 – Three Becomes One

The first week of July is a special time of year for the little town of Sisters, Oregon. The population swells as many thousands of quilters from around the world descend upon the town for the annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Often referred to as “The Disneyland of Quilting” and having the honor of “the first and largest outdoor quilt show”, the event spans a full week of events centered about everything to do with quilting.

The 33rd Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
"Wedding Ring Blues” by Paul Alan Bennett

Now, I know you are wondering what this could possibly have to do with woodworking. Well, quilts and woodwork just happen to be great partners. This year I planned to build a set of three quilt stands for The Clearwater Gallery. One from cherry and two from quarter sawn white oak. I chose an Arts & Crafts style design.

Thinking I might build additional quilt stands, I worked out a simple manufacturing process utilizing 1/4” hardboard templates to cut the curves of the uprights and the feet. Everything proceeded very smoothly as I began to assemble all the respective parts.

The first few afternoons were spent rough milling stock and making the hardboard templates.
The following week was short on shop time as I was busy at work. That weekend I was back in the shop with plans on completing the three quilt stands which would leave a good week to apply finish before dropping them off at the gallery on the way thru town for our family’s annual sojourn to visit my brother-in-law in Northern California.

View of Mt Shasta on the way to Fall River Mills, California

Cutting and shaping the feet went without a hitch. Cutting the rails and gluing up the tops was very easy. I had a great feeling as I looked at the stacked parts on my bench.
The next day began with rough cutting the uprights on the band saw . . . again, no problems. The first set of uprights was trimmed to final dimension using a hardboard template and the router table. Now I was getting excited envisioning the three quilt stands ready the finish schedule. Then the unimaginable happened. Despite the fact that there was the only the slightest excess edge to remove with the template and router, I ran into a bit of difficult grain that splintered one cherry and one of the oak uprights. I tried to salvage the splintered uprights but it just wasn’t meant to be.

So that is how three became one. All ended well as we had a great trip to Fall River Mills, California . . . the company was enjoyable and the fly fishing was excellent. The quilt stand looks wonderful in the gallery with one of Beth’s quilts draped over the top rail. The templates are safely tucked away until next year!

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