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Friday, August 15, 2008

Episode #69 - Thanks to The Rough Cut Show!

Life is good when you get a shout out by T-Chisel & Al!

To say I am blown away from the great shout out by T-Chisel & Al would be a huge understatement! Thank you to Tommy, Al and all The Rough Cutters. What an awesome woodworking blog and forum.

Now that I am back in the shop, my son Matthew and I are going to try our hand at the Step Stool project. Matt has been a big fan of Tommy ever since the early beaver tooth episode. Of course his Dad is a huge fan. So now we get to do a project together . . . what more could I ask (except of course to cut awesome dovetails!)?

Thanks again guys for the shout out and the honor of joining Pallet Makers 207!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I've been following your blog for a while and it was great to see Tommy and Al give a shout out. Thanks also for the message on shop safety. I had a very bad table saw injury a few years ago that serves as a constant reminder to always keep safety first. Reinhardt

David Pruett said...

Reinhardt -

Thanks! I just spent the last three days (partial days) in the shop with my son helping him with a community service project he is working on for Boy Scouts. It was the first time back in the shop after my injury. I can assure you my "shop safety radar" was operating in high gear.

By the way, I have been following your work and comments posted on The Rough Cut Show forum. You have some beautiful pieces posted.

doug said...

Congrats. I saw that and was like, hey that guy looks familiar (I had just been viewing your blog a few days before). Nice to see you getting props from the head honcho and T-Chisel :)

David Pruett said...

Doug -

Thanks! I am such a big fan of Tommy & Al, The Rough Cut Show and all the guys on the forum. They are really doing some great work using the Internet as an extended classroom. This is the closest I'm going to come with one-on-one time with such great talent and the North Bennet Street School. Oh to start all over . . . ! Anyway, thanks for the comment. It was very cool for me to get a shout out from those guys, really made my day!


Anonymous said...


First, congrats on the the shout-out and your becoming Palletmaker of the month. The video, book and plans were great ideas put into action.

Would like to see you crazy leg table while under construction.

Sorry to see you had injuried yourself.