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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Episode #72 - The Rodman Ride for Kids

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Stay with me and you will see that there is a woodworking connection!

Just trying to help spread the word about a great cause to support. Boston is a wonderful city home for many great things including The Boston Red Sox, The Boston Celtics, The Boston Bruins, fabulous American History, home of the world renowned North Bennet Street School, and of course Thomas J. MacDonald . . . aka T-Chisel for you woodworkers!

Many great things happening in a great historic city. One program to make note of is The Rodman Ride for Kids. T-Chisel and Rachel recently made a plea for support for this organization. If you love kids, love woodworking and appreciate what Tommy has given the Internet woodworking community than open your wallet and make a donation. Every bit helps and the power of community will help these at-risk kids have after school programs. Who knows, maybe they will be making some wood shavings with T-Chisel!

From the Rodman Ride for Kids website:

"The Rodman Ride For Kids is an umbrella matching gift charity that raises funds for child-related social service agencies in Massachusetts and serves as a catalyst by providing child welfare agencies an opportunity to raise funds through this event.

The Ride For Kids and its 25 benefiting agencies fund raise year-round, culminating with the Ride event, when 1,200 cyclists participate in a 25, 50, or 100-mile non-competitive cycling tour on Saturday, September 27, 2008. 100% of the expenses associated with the Ride are underwritten.

Since its inception in 1991, the Ride For Kids has raised over $31 million to help at-risk children in Massachusetts."


Vic Hubbard said...


It sounds as if Rachel's grandfather has started something very special for the youth of Boston.
I know I was lucky enough to participate in the Indian Guides as a child. It is now called Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Figuring out a way to give back to the youth (and future) of our society is a very worthy cause.

David Pruett said...

Hey Vic -

Just trying to help spread the word for T-Chisel and Rachel. I agree 100% . . . "giving back to the youth, and the future" is a very worthy cause". These programs are vital. I applaud the movement that Rachel's grandfather started.