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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Epidsode #80 - Wine Barrel Furniture Part I

The best laid plans always seem to go astray . . .

I had great plans approaching a block of time off from work. Lots to catch up on, including shop activities. I did get a couple of projects underway until I received a phone call from a friend and co-worker requesting some help with an end table built from parts of a wine barrel.

Mike using the Kreg Jig

Wine barrel furniture? I had never heard of this and thought it was intriguing. Next thing I knew we were building an end table from a picture he downloaded from the internet. The wood was wonderful white oak with a gentle aged patina and the faintest smell of red wine. Do a Google search for wine barrel furniture and you will be greeted with an amazing array of creativity all from the humble parts of recycled wine barrels. So, all in all it was a very pleasant distraction from my well laid plans and a lot of fun sharing shop time with a friend.

I had some audio problems with the video footage so I did my best to put together a representative concept of the process. I didn't approach the the day with the idea of shooting any video so I just set up the camera and let it run while I worked. Lesson learned . . . always put fresh batteries in the wireless microphone!

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neil said...

Nice the color of the inside bottom of the former wine barrel. Looks like a fun project to be doing. Even got to use your vac-bag.

Glad to see you eating up some shop time. You're making it look like what it's all about .......enjoyment.


David Pruett said...

Neil -

As always, thanks for the kind words. As you well know, I will find any excuse to pull out the vacuum press! This project was an unexpected turn of events and a fun couple of afternoons with a fellow co-worker outside the confines of the workplace.

Mike and Vicki blessed me today with the gift of my own oak wine barrel with a cool brass plaque from the French manufacture . . . so some food for thought for a future project!