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Monday, November 10, 2008

Episode #75 – Take Your Dovetails to the Next Level!

I have a confession to make. When I travel, a multi-CD case gets thrown in my shoulder bag. Rather than the in-flight movie, I often prefer watching my woodworking DVDs. Yes, I do get in ribbed from my wife & kids for watching "another woodworking DVD" or the inevitable "haven't you seen that one already?". Recently I have been watching (or should I say, re-watching!) the dovetailing series by Rob Cosman.


Used with permission from Rob Cosman

Machine cut dovetails with a router jig are fast and strong. However, it won’t be long though before the woodworker will wonder about the mystery of hand cut dovetails. Most of us peer out over this slippery slope sooner or later. There is something very appealing about the fine fit and finish of hand cut dovetails. If you want your own personal instruction in the art of hand cut dovetails than Rob Cosman is your man.

Rob has the unique ability to teach at a fundamental and supportive level that gives you the confidence to bring your hand cut dovetails to the next level. His dovetailing series covers the nitty-gritty details about the mechanics of hand cutting dovetails from stock preparation to the final satisfying step of applying glue and tapping the joint home. Rob also delves into great detail about selection and tuning your kit of dovetailing tools.

Fear not, Rob isn’t satisfied with just producing a great dovetailing DVD series. He also has an excellent Dovetailing Shop Manual to accompany the series. The shop manual is the perfect bench top companion to the dovetailing series. This spiral bound manual lies flat on your bench. The best part of the manual is the troubleshooting section, which provides some additional in-depth recommendations for the inevitable mistake.

Interested in Rob’s dovetail marker, marking gauge, fret saw or mallet? Then check out Rob’s Specialty Tool Section on his website.


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Rick said...

I concur with everything you said. I own nearly every RC DVD out there. I have not been disappointed with a single one. The dovetail series is absolutely phenomenal. Following his DVD my very first dovetail attempt actually worked. It wasn't perfect but was certainly usable. He really does give you the confidence to do it. I've also purchased several of his products. They are top notch. The fret saw is a must.

David Pruett said...

Rick -

Thanks for the comment. I agree with your sentiments. Rob's instructional DVD's have helped me move along the hand cut dovetail learning curve much smoother than doing it on my own!