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Friday, January 9, 2009

Episode #86 - A Visit to Hardwood Components Inc.

I am spending the week off during some maintenance on our house in Sisters, Oregon. Every time I make this trip I pass by a small family run mill in Mehama, Oregon. This time I made a promise I would stop and check it out.

I bought a small load of wild Oregon cherry for a future project. The video was a last minute thought so very impromtu. You can visit Hardwood Components, Inc. on the web by clicking here.

The lumber is all locally harvested that is milled and dried at Hardwood Components, Inc. They have everything including native wood flooring, slabs, burls, crotch wood, and turning blanks.


neil said...

Hey David.........I can play video again, very cool!!!! Let's face it, you had no choice, how could one board of ashe be enough. Isn't it just great when the mind takes off on a flier. That's one of the best aspects of woodworking, a very important part that's being lost in discussion.

Bet that was a beautiful ride......Neil

David Pruett said...

Hey Neil -

Thanks for the comment. It is funny since I spied that little piece of ash set off to the side of the pile of wild cherry. It was an impulse to throw it on top of the small stack of cherry that I was purchasing. As I drove thru the mountain passes I would occasionally get a glimpse of the ash. I occurred to me that I should make another stop on the way home and get some more "just in case"!


Handi said...

David: Nice work, I enjoyed the video...

Nice wood and all also...

Lookin forward to seeing more soon!


David Pruett said...

Handi -

Thanks! Your comments are greatly appreciated.