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Friday, January 30, 2009

Episode #92 - Scroll Saw Blade Holder

A Six-Tube Scroll Saw Blade Holder

This was a quick and fun shop project. The material came from a small 2/4 board of gum cherry that was left over from another project. It took care to wrap the grain with respect to the sides and back. I almost missed this and had a “T-Chisel” event which caused me to re-do part of the project. Well, actually I had no choice, as I know the recipient has a critical eye!

This is a six-tube scroll saw blade holder designed for a woodworker that will be doing a fair amount of scroll saw work for marquetry. It was specifically designed to accommodate a small assortment of saw blades, drill bits and an Archimedes drill necessary for efficient marquetry work at the scroll saw. I initially considered applying an antique patina to the copper drill holder. Given the sailing bent of this woodworker, I elected to leave a brightly polished tube reminiscent of the bright copper and brass work found on sailboats. All in all, a nautical theme and an excuse to incorporate metal in a woodworking project.

The small pieces were cut square with my new crosscut sled. I used SketchUp to make and adhesive drill guide template to accurately drill the ¾” holes for the scroll saw blade storage tubes. The copper drill tube was fashioned from standard off the shelf plumbing parts polished with a series of charged buffing wheels on the drill press. A small test tube sits in a ½” hole for drill bit storage.

The finish was my standard cherry finish, two ½# cut coats of clear shellac to prevent blotching followed by 6 coats of thinned WaterLox finished with two coats of hand rubbed clear wax. The final touches are my brass makers-mark and 4 thin silicone rubber feet.

This project is now in the mail on its way to an exciting shop! I’ve included a set of links for materials, supplies and inspiration for this project. Plans are also available to jump start your scroll saw blade holder. Organization and readily available tools always makes for more efficient shop production and, hopefully, more inspired work!

Useful Scroll Saw Blade Holder Resources

Six-Tube Scroll Saw Blade Holder Plan Set

Shellac Part I

Shellac Part II

Archimedes Drill – Garrett Wade

Sloan's Woodshop - " The Scroll Saw Store"



neil said...

Hey David........mix of materials, cherry, drill holder (very cool), plenty of blade storage, but the best is the Maker-Mark...nice touch!!!!


Handi said...

Very Nice... If I didn't have so many Scroll Saw Blades, I would consider one for myself...

I have a Scroll Saw Blade Lab it seems... I have 8 Different ones... And I have some that are the same Blade but Different #'s

I would have to Make a Tray or something or one on the wall to hold all of mine lol.


David Pruett said...

Handi -

I figured this was too small of a rack for your needs! I like your description of "a scroll saw blade lab"! I can imagine that you would need a wall rack.


David Pruett said...

Neil -

Always good to hear from you. Thanks!

Neil....a Furnitologist said... bring up a very good point considering all the options available for scroll saw blades. You being a very good scroll sawyer, how about telling those new to the discipline how you go about selecting blades. Not an easy thing to do with all the blade manufacturers and selections out there and the numerous operations a scroll saw can perform. approach was to selected the blade specific to the application I intend to perform with my scroll saw.

This blade holder for my application will work perfectly. Especially the copper tube drill holder.

If you do put together a blade selection approach on your blog, please let me know.


Handi said...

David: I may have to come up with a Version of your Plans to Suit my Needs as a Scroller, then send you some Pictures.

But first i need to find the Tubes to hold my Blades and all, I was thinking of using PVC Pipe with Caps, but you can't see inside of them, so this limits your ability know how many and all.

And a possible small pull out Drawer for the Twist Drill Bits, Many Possibilities..

I realy love your Design, that would really work for an Occasional Scroller, and I love the Finger Drill.

Keep up the wood work David, Always keeping an Eye on your Blog, you don't happen to convert your files to Quicktime "MOV" Format for iTunes do you?

Also, if you don't mind, for the Scollers out there, i'm going to Link this Entry over at the New forum "Scroll Saw Village" so you can get a Few more Viewers!


David Pruett said...

Handi -

I appreciate your comments and link at Scroll Saw Village. I got the clear blade tubes at Sloan's Woodshop - The Scroll Saw Store. A dozen tubes were $4.95. In the long run I'll bet cheaper than PVC tube s with caps . . . plus they are clear.

I usually upload video in the .mv4 format which can be viewed in iTunes, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV. BlipTV converts them to flash format which I use to embed in blog entries. Let me know if you have problems with any videos and I will do my best to help sort thins out from this end.


David Pruett said...

Handi -

I forgot to mention that I would be interested in seeing your version of a scroll saw blade holder. Anything that helps with organization I believe ultimately helps with shop production and improves the quality of our work.


Handi said...

Neil: First, I didn't have any Idea you were keeping up with my Blog! Im honored to have everyone viewing my Blog.

Second, I will truely get to that eventually, I have been working on the Few Basic Things with Scroll Sawing.

Applying a pattern
Taking off your Pattern
Drilling Holes

Along with a few other episodes of the rest. So be looking for it. The main problem right now, is my Saw is in the living room, with 5 Dogs and 5 Birds, so making Video is a little trouble at times.

David: my Privilage David. I linked it already, and everyone was Thrilled to check the project out.

I will have to also check out the Site and order me some of them cause I still use the Plastic Sleave they come in when i order them, it would be nice to have easy access to them.

Cool about the video, I knew they converted it to flash "FLV" but didn't know iTunes supported MP4, if I knew that I would've left my Video that way instead of converting lol.

Also, eventually I will have a Design for you, as my Wood is Scarce, I have to purchase some for the Design, and Probably would have to wait til the warmer months come in, cause I don't have a heated Shop.

But I will Design one... I don't know anything bout Sketcheup or I would draw it out to give you an Idea.


David Pruett said...

Handi -

Thanks so much for all the comments! I admire your enthusiasm for scroll saw work. I would be very interested in a photo of your blade holder when you build one. I hear you about the cold weather . . . warmer times are coming soon!

Well, I agree with you about making video . . . it is never easy and some complication is always lurking in the shadows!

Keep up the great work.


Handi said...


You are getting hit up HARD after I posted your project over at in the Forum, i've noticed that Steve Good is Promoting your Video and Project over at his site, and Travis at Scroll Saw Goodies and Scroll Saw Village gave you lots of Credit for it...

I've not even attempted to work on it yet, we had some nice weather for a few days, now it's back to snowing... Bummer for me...


David Pruett said...

Handi -

I greatly appreciate the recommendation! Thank you. I am keeping an eye out for more of your posts on Lumberjocks. I am anticipating you making an "Uber version" sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

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