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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Episode #93 - A Print Bin . . . My Next Project

Original Concept

My next project is well underway. I have been working hard to get this project designed and built in time for delivery this month. Because of the rush, I haven't been very good at recording the project progress. I am building a "print bin" for The Clearwater Gallery in Sisters, Oregon.

Initial Thoughts in SketchUp

The purpose of a print bin is to hold art prints that have been shrunk wrapped on foam core. This project is being built from the wild Oregon cherry I picked up at Hardwood Components in Episode #86.

Final Design with Taller Back,
Lower Braces & More Graceful Leg Profile

I started out playing with ideas in SketchUp and then built a full sized mock-up out of inexpensive pine and MDF. Once I convinced myself the design was sound I had it reviewed by the owners of the gallery. The only modification suggestion was to extend the back approximately six inches to provide better support of the print collection. This was a quick change in SketchUp. After that I was off dimensioning stock.

Quick Mock-Up of Pine & MDF
with Pocket Screw Joinery

This project breaks down for easy storage and transportation. It bolts together with 1/4-20 x 1 black oxide button head bolts, brass washers and steel threaded inserts. Full plans and completed photos to follow. I am busy applying finish so I can deliver at the end of the month!


neil said...

Hi David........this maybe your most thoughtful piece to date. Design, mock-up, changes, construction engineering, all the tasks required to getting good design.

My favorite part of the design is the knock-down nature. Knock-down, Nomadic whatever you want to call it, is the last bastion of furniture design that really hasn't been thoroughly put through the design process.

Obviously you have raised your game.


David Pruett said...

Neil -

Many thanks for the kind words!

I am delivering this piece this week . . . so I will have a clear bench. I just got a small load of white oak from the same place I got the cherry for this project. It was a gift from Dan, the recipient of the print bin!

I just got back from a long camping trip with Matt so it was very cool to open up email and see a response from you.