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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Episode #96 - Spring Project List

Benchtop Aid for the Festool Domino

A Peek Preview of My Spring Projects List

My wife Beth wants (as a woodworker this should sound familiar!) me to build a 3-panel cherry-wedding chest for our niece. Beth wants exterior metal veneers, curly maple inner veneers and a solid cherry frame. She is considering having our landscape artist friend paint a small landscape on the center panel (18x24). I don’t have a lot of time to dally with the wedding chest, as Beth would like to deliver the chest when we visit her brother’s home in Fall River this Spring.

I also will be working on an oak gallery display shelf and a new jig to facilitate more effective use of my Domino joiner. I am just starting to sketch the design for the chest while working out wood and materials concerns.

I do a fair amount of loose tenon joinery with “dominos” and a Festool Domino. I always jury-rig a temporary assembly system fashioning of a support and backstop to support rails, stiles, and any other project pieces. This jig will take advantage of the T-Track system that runs around the top apron of my bench. It is designed to sit on the end of my bench and is fully adjustable to accommodate the common rail & style sizes I use. For benches without a T-Track system, a modified version of this jig could easily be made that utilizes standard bench clamps.

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