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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Episode #99 - Springtime is Perfect for Outdoor Projects

Fresh Fallen Snow Greeting my Work Day

Springtime is perfect for outdoor projects. Well, almost! One of the great pleasures in life is to share our skills with friends. Our family has been blessed with friendship from a family we have grown to know and love in the little town of Sisters, Oregon.

Set-up for Work at the Frame Shop
(notice the tarp set up for weather protection)

Newly Installed Step
Of course now the weather is nice!

Close-up of the Newly Installed Step

Early this week I had the distinct pleasure of lending a helping hand adding a step to the low deck that greets visitors to their newly relocated frame shop. It sounded like the perfect deal. Helping our friends, enjoying the fresh Central Oregon air and getting a bit of sun after a long cold and overcast winter in Portland. Well, I was in for a surprise. It was a good thing that I erected a tarp before getting to work. I think the snow flakes that fell as drove to the shop were a warning.

Snow Falling as I Drive to the Frame Shop

That day I experienced the full range of Central Oregon weather; snow, hail, rain and even a quick burst of sunshine! By the end of the day, the step was completed and I warmed my chilled bones in the hot tub while more snowflakes fell.

Well, it isn't woodworking in the shop but it sure was fun!

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