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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Episode #102 - Grand Slam Tools Home Run 4-Pack Arrives!

Hey guys, I just had a very cool package dropped off on the front porch. I’ve been waiting anxiously ever since placing my order when I first heard these tools were in production.

Knowing Tommy, I knew this would be a quality set. Now that they have arrived in my shop, I must say I am not disappointed!

The custom packaging makes for an absolutely excellent presentation for this tool set. The “dugout” paring blocks (1:6) are the perfect size. The maple mallet is awesome with tight, dense grain that is well turned and exquisitely balanced. The mallet is turned from an actual major league hard maple baseball bat billet at the premier major league bat manufacturer right here in the USA!

However, the marking gauge, well it is in a class of its own. It is light but yet has a solid feel. The brass adjusting knob lends a real sense of class. The gauge bar slides very smoothly and the
custom made Hock blade is wicked shaaarp!

I had to quickly remind myself to NOT run my thumb along the blade as I was admiring the marking gauge.

This marking gauge works perfectly right out of the box! Order your set today at Grand Slam Tools!


Hal said...

what are paring blocks?

David Pruett said...

Hal -

Great question. A paring block is used as a guide block for the back of your chisel to aid in gently paring pins for dovetail joinery. For a specific example check out the link below and watch for the indicated time code in the video to see a paring block in action cutting dovetail pins.

Time Code Point: 08:45 / 15:03

Remember, paring blocks can be made and used as guides for other aspects of joinery.