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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Episode #103 - Cherry Blossom Marquetry Panel UPDATE

I was pretty excited the other day when I took the cherry blossom marquetry panel out of the vacuum press. I had to wait to see the final result as had regular work the following day. This morning I was up bright and early and started removing the gum tape from the finish face. I then mixed up a batch of 1/2# cut Hock Blonde Shellac. I'm pretty pleased with the results . . . not bad for my first marquetry panel. I learned a lot that I will apply to the next panel!


neil said...


Nice work. Lots of study, changing approach, different packet construction, and only the second time out of the box, you're a regualr Major League Woodworker :^)

Kidding aside David......there is more to your panel than just the motiff, you've taken on alot of first's in this 2nd shot into marquetry.

I'm very impressed........Neil

Anonymous said...


Very impressive for you first time. I have been studing and gathering tools to attempt my first marquetry project. I really want to learn it for making different pateraes for table legs, and other designs for table tops.

One idea I learned and will pass on to you is that on the scroll saw use a 1/4" piece of hardboard or MDF to put over the saw's table(instead of the green table).

Again, great job.

Chuck M

David Pruett said...

Chuck -

ALWAYS a pleasure to get a comment form you! Thanks. I am going to keep plugging away at this. I appreciate your tip. I can assure you that MDF on my table next time around!


David Pruett said...

Neil -

Thank you! Always good hearing from you. I have the bug so I hope to do more soon. I greatly appreciate your support. Thanks for heading me in this direction.


Mark said...


Very impressive work!

With the stuff I'm learning at MASW on embellishments, I am thinking about trying some sand shading. I have a question on it: after gkuing down the shaded pieces if you scrape and/or sand to clean them up, how deep does the shading go? Are you removing a lot of it if you sand/scrape?

The Craftsman's Path

David Pruett said...

Mark -

Always a treat to hear from The Craftsman's Path! I can't wait to get a detailed report of your experiences at MASW.

As you know I am new to this and don't have a lot of experience on which to base this answer. It seems you loose a bit of shading with sanding/scraping but nothing significant.