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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Episode #104 - Best Laid Plans . . .

The Kraus House - Aurora, Oregon

This weekend Beth and I planned on a quick weekend get away trip to Sisters, Oregon thinking the kids would be away on activities until Sunday afternoon. Well, the operative words there are “thinking the kids would be away”. Turns out we didn’t have that quite figured out as well as we thought!

We quickly came up with a Plan B. We had a great weekend antiquing, eating out at some favorite spots and catching a couple of movies. It’s the woodworking I saw while antiquing that I want to share. We visited the small town of Aurora several miles South of Portland. The Aurora Colony was a utopian society established by Dr. William Keil similar to the communal settlement he established Bethel, Missouri.

Today Aurora is a wonderful small town that is a local Mecca for antiques and collectables. We found a number of treasures to bring home that weekend. I took the opportunity to take a few photos of some marquetry I noticed on furniture in several of the shops.

I have started to study and practice marquetry in my shop. You don’t have to spend much time at the scroll saw or sand-shader to appreciate the fine details that marquetry adds to furniture.

I was surprised to note that I didn’t have to look long before I found my first example. Unfortunately I have no specific details on the pieces to share other than close-ups of the marquetry. Well, I am certainly motivated for my next piece!


neil said...

David......neet photo's. Nice bug compliments...shutter and wood.

So are the antiques brought in from around the country or specific to the Aurora region???

Interesting how styles repeat themselves, throughout locations.

Fun trip.......Neil

David Pruett said...

Neil -

I am sure these are brought in from around the country by a network of dealers. It was a fun day.