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Monday, July 13, 2009

Episode #112 - Help Out a Fellow Woodworker!

Todd Clippinger . . . American Craftsman

Join me in supporting a great woodworker, patient teacher and a talent craftsman in his bid for the DIY StudFinder 2009 Contest. Watch the video and click on the link to give Todd your vote of confidence!

Todd's Gallery on

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Episode #111 – A Simple Set of Planter Boxes

This is a great weekend project. I used extra materials from previous projects so this was a double bonus as I got to clean up the shop a bit.

Comparison of Planter box (left) finished with Krylon Spray Stain
and Unfinished Planter Box (right)

This set of planter boxes was built with two 1x6x8 and 6 1x4x8 pieces of cedar, a half sheet of ¾ CDX exterior plywood and a half sheet of 3/8 clear cedar soffit.

The Kreg Jig

Assembly was simple and fast frame and panel construction using the Kreg Jig.

Krylon Spray Semi-Transparent Stain Pallete

The finish was also simple and fast using Krylon Spray Exterior Semi-Transparent Stain which is a new product by Kryon.

Planter box (left) finished with Krylon Stain & Asphalt Emmulsion
Unfinished (right) planter box

The interior of the planter boxes was waterproofed with asphalt emulsion. Since this is an outdoor project, final touches include wire screen covered drain holes and TiteBond III Exterior glue.

It was a pleasure to get a chance to try out Krylon’s newest product. A number of other Internet woodworkers had the same opportunity. You can check out their awesome reviews by the links below.
Well, this project was a sorely needed distraction. It was fun to build something quick and fast with some immediate gratification in less than a weekend! This weekend I have no excuses so its back to work on the engagement chest.

UPDATE: The planter boxes where delivered this weekend. They look great on the deck . . . now we just need some flowers!

Frame Shop for The Clearwater Gallery
Sisters • Oregon

To help inspire your own planter box, a set of SketchUp plans for a deck planter box and a window planter box are available for download.
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Episode #110 – Planing Wedges Make Great Clamps!

Close-up of front panel of an engagement
chest camped against the bench edge
with a leather faced planing wedge

Having lived with my Modified New-Fangled Workbench for sometime, the two of us have enjoyed a love – hate relationship. However, there are a number of features that I have come to appreciate and depend on when working at the bench. Chief among these are the planing beam and planing wedges.

Today was no exception as I utilized the planing wedges to firmly secure the casework of an engagement chest to clean up the joinery between the front and end panels. A heavy fleece blanket protected the end panel resting on the shop floor.

The planing wedges slide along the upper edge of the bench on a T-track. They are leather lined and are locked in place with two ¼-20 T-bolts and star knobs. By securing the rear star knob first while the forward knob is loose, it is possible to gain an extra degree of clamping pressure by tightening the forward star knob against the work wedged against the leather face. The leather provides a firm grip while protecting the work.

I am considering a new bench in the near future, however at the top of my list of desirable features is the planing wedge and beam.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Episode #109 - Ancient Caves, Historic Rustic Lodge & Antique Furniture

“We were just making furniture”

George Mason
Mason Manufacturing
• Los Angeles • California

Well, a bit of time has passed since my last post due to a lot of work to complete before going on a short summer holiday. We surprised the kids with a layover at The Oregon Caves Chateau and I discovered a unique opportunity to examine a wonderful collection of Monterey Furniture. Beth & I stayed in Room 211 and the kids stayed in Room 304. I enjoy the architecture of the National Parks, so this was a real treat on many levels.

Oregon Caves Chateau
(Photo - Historic Hotels & Lodges)

Oregon Caves Chateau - Room 211
(Photo - Historic Hotels & Lodges)

Oregon Caves Chateau - Room 211
(Photo - Historic Hotels & Lodges)

Oregon Caves Chateau - Room 304
(Photo - Historic Hotels & Lodges)

The Oregon Caves Chateau, considered a masterpiece if rustic architecture, was designed and built by Mr. Gust Lium (1884-1965), a local contractor with an outstanding degree of design talent. Lium’s architectural work stands up well against the great rustic architects of the period. The six-story chateau, straddling a steep mountain canyon, was designed to allow diverted stream water from the waterfall and trout pond to flow through the third floor dinning room.

Monterey Chair - Main Lodge
(Photo - D. Pruett)

Details of Hand-Wrought Iron
Hardware & Hand Painting
Monterey Chair - Main Lodge

(Photo - D. Pruett)

Monterey Chair & Writing Desk - Main Lodge
(Photo - D. Pruett)

Detail of Hand-Wrought Iron Hardware
Writing Desk - Main Lodge

(Photo - D. Pruett)

The Oregon Caves Chateau is home of the world’s largest public collection of authentic antique Monterey Furniture. The National Park Service owns the furniture collection. Entering the chateau is like stepping back in time to the early 1930’s since the lodge and all the rooms retain the original furnishings.

Hand Painting Detail of
Desk - Main Lodge
(Photo - D. Pruett)

Drawer Detail of Monterey
Kneehole Desk - Main Lodge

(Photo - D. Pruett)

Monterey Chair - Main Lodge
(Photo - D. Pruett)

Hand Painting Detail
Monterey Chair - Main Lodge

(Photo - D. Pruett)

Los Angles Furniture Retailer, Barker Brothers, had the foresight in 1929 to contact by George and Frank Mason of Mason Manufacturing to create a line of furniture embracing the Spanish Revival Movement. The design influences were rooted in 16th & 17th Spanish and early California mission era furniture.

Detail of Monterey Chair - Main Lodge
(Photo - D. Pruett)

Distressed lumber, leather, hand-painted finishes and hand-wrought iron hardware are indicative of the whimsical Monterey look. George Mason’s company produced a full line of furniture and accessories that continued through 1943. Tip a piece over or look on the back of case goods to see the “Monterey” name and sometimes the logo, a horseshoe, burnt into the piece by a branding iron.

Monterey Furniture Brand & Logo

Oregon Caves Chateau
Monterey Furniture NPS Inventory Label

(Photo - Historic Hotels & Lodges)

Monterey Furniture was instantly popular and the fashionable estates of the time were graced with this unique furniture sold through Barker Brothers Furniture stores. Notable celebrities that owned collections of Monterey Furniture included Will Rogers, Clark Gable, Gene Autry, and Walt Disney. Today, Monterey furniture is a collectible and prices are rising as people rediscover the furniture.

Happy Fourth of July!

Thank you to the brave men & women
protecting our freedom and serving
our country in the Armed Services
of the United States!

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