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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Episode #111 – A Simple Set of Planter Boxes

This is a great weekend project. I used extra materials from previous projects so this was a double bonus as I got to clean up the shop a bit.

Comparison of Planter box (left) finished with Krylon Spray Stain
and Unfinished Planter Box (right)

This set of planter boxes was built with two 1x6x8 and 6 1x4x8 pieces of cedar, a half sheet of ¾ CDX exterior plywood and a half sheet of 3/8 clear cedar soffit.

The Kreg Jig

Assembly was simple and fast frame and panel construction using the Kreg Jig.

Krylon Spray Semi-Transparent Stain Pallete

The finish was also simple and fast using Krylon Spray Exterior Semi-Transparent Stain which is a new product by Kryon.

Planter box (left) finished with Krylon Stain & Asphalt Emmulsion
Unfinished (right) planter box

The interior of the planter boxes was waterproofed with asphalt emulsion. Since this is an outdoor project, final touches include wire screen covered drain holes and TiteBond III Exterior glue.

It was a pleasure to get a chance to try out Krylon’s newest product. A number of other Internet woodworkers had the same opportunity. You can check out their awesome reviews by the links below.
Well, this project was a sorely needed distraction. It was fun to build something quick and fast with some immediate gratification in less than a weekend! This weekend I have no excuses so its back to work on the engagement chest.

UPDATE: The planter boxes where delivered this weekend. They look great on the deck . . . now we just need some flowers!

Frame Shop for The Clearwater Gallery
Sisters • Oregon

To help inspire your own planter box, a set of SketchUp plans for a deck planter box and a window planter box are available for download.
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neil said...

You've Been Busy.......curious about how the asphalt interior works....neet idea....WHY NOT??!!

David Pruett said...

Neil -

Always an honor to have you comment, thanks!

The asphalt emulsion will provide good waterproofing for the planter boxes. Its made for just this purpose. The cedar soffit and CDX are rated for outdoor applications but not for continuous exposure to moisture.