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Monday, July 13, 2009

Episode #112 - Help Out a Fellow Woodworker!

Todd Clippinger . . . American Craftsman

Join me in supporting a great woodworker, patient teacher and a talent craftsman in his bid for the DIY StudFinder 2009 Contest. Watch the video and click on the link to give Todd your vote of confidence!

Todd's Gallery on


toddclippinger said...


your generous and sharing nature is inspiring. Just as I have had benchmarks in woodworking, you make me want to run to keep up with you.

Thanks for your support.


neil said...

Todd..........all the best moving forward to DI Y'ering!!!

Handi said...

David: Todd is a very inspiring man when it comes to Woodworking.

He makes things simple and understandable.

I came across Todd on when he's commented on my videos and all on LJ's

Thanks for Sharing!


David Pruett said...

Handi -

I couldn't agree more with your comment. Todd is very supportive and full of encouragement for fellow woodworkers.