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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Episode #114 - Inlay Series Part 2: Make The Packet

This episode continues the Inlay Series by demonstrating how to make the veneer packet using lightweight bookbinder's sheet cardboard available from an art store and veneer from my small collection. Bear with me as I shot this footage while working in between the tripod legs while watching the small monitor screen on the camera!


Chiefwoodworker said...


Excellent tutorial! I am looking forward to the following installments.

By the way, I finally bought myself a handycam and will be posting some live videos in the future too.


David Pruett said...

Joe -

Thank you for the kind comment.

Congratulations on getting a video camera. Consider me the first in line anxiously awaiting some excellent video content from your shop. Cool!

Anonymous said...


Instead of using a pin nailer, could you use thinner cardboard, such as, from a cereal box and than use a hand stapler to hold the packet together?


David Pruett said...

Chuck -

Always an honor when you post a comment!

Yes, thinner cardboard and a hand stapler would work very well. I will take your suggestion and incorporate that int the next video as an alternative method. I used the pin nailer and thicker board because that is what I have set up. I am taking this method from marquetry. A stacked packet for marquetry is usually much thicker.