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Friday, October 2, 2009

Episode #113 - Inlay Series Part 1: An Overview

A Novel Approach to Inlay Combining Marquetry and Router Inlay Kit.

This episode is the first in a series showing a method I worked out to inlay an aspen leaf motif. The technique combines methods from marquetry with a router inlay kit. In this episode we get an overview of tools and materials.

I am enjoying a chance to finally get back into the shop after a busy summer. As summer approached I had grand plans of completing a few projects and a couple of video series. Things did not work out quite as planned. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to post a blog entry since July!

Shop time ended up being family time and I have no regrets. A fellow woodworker and blogger that I admire told me that he never has big plans for the shop during summer and actually said it is the slowest time because of other commitments. I wish I had that bit of advice back in June!


Mark Mazzo said...


Great to see you back posting. This looks like an interesting series. I'm going to be watching and taking notes because I've always wanted to try this kind of inlay.

I'm not going to guess who may have talked about summer being a slower time for his woodworking...though, as I look at my shop I have at least three projects waiting to be completed - and a lot of clean-up to boot!

Can't wait to see the rest of the series!

The Craftsman's Path

David Pruett said...

Mark -

Thanks for the comment . . . and the advice!

It is very enjoyable to be back in the shop.


toddclippinger said...

Good to see you back. Had me worried something happened to you for a while there.

David Pruett said...

Thanks Todd!

Chiefwoodworker said...


Just noticed you are back. Glad to see it.

I know how the summer consumes all available hours. I too had a summer hiatus. I have a large family (12 siblings) and we have a family reunion each year. It spans about six weeks with people coming from all over the country.

I will be following this series. To this point I have not been brave enough to attempt inlays, but you just might get me involved.


David Pruett said...

Joe -

Your family reunion must be a sight to behold!

It was a busy summer here. I am very glad to be back in the shop. I have a lot to catch up on, including some of my favorite woodworking blogs such as the Chief Woodworker blog!


Anonymous said...


As your other followers have mentioned, I'm glad to see your back in the shop. This first part of your series was very well done and full of well explained steps and analysis of your thought process.

Having only made fan shaded patereas I am aware of only a small area of this techniques. I believe that you will give me more insight into this technique with very good instructions. Thanks in advance for your time an effort in making this video series.


David Pruett said...

Chuck -


I am fascinated with this process. As you know some real magic happens with the sand shading.