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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Episode #116 - Inlay Series Part 4: Inspiration & Extras

This episode is a quick break in the inlay action to cover the inspirational resources for this procedure and to answer a comment from episode #2.

Chuck Middleton, a prolific period woodworker and active MLW 207 Forum contributor at Major League Woodworking, questioned “Instead of using a pin nailer, could you use thinner cardboard, such as, from a cereal box and than use a hand stapler to hold the packet together?” The short answer is yes, with some limitations. Stay tuned and see how this low cost alternative works out!

Bird's Mouth V-Block

Download plan for Bird's Mouth v-block

Silas Kopf Website

Silas Kopf: Book & DVD

Paul Schurch Website

Paul Schurch: Tools - Supplies - Books & DVD

The Marquetry Course by Jack Metcalfe & John Apps

Craig Vandall Stevens Website

The Art of Marquetry by Craig Vandall Stevens


Handi said...


Not a bad little tip.

I think thou, for me, being into scrollsawing, I prefur the Box Tape Method.

I think this could work well with what you are doing as well, it would eliminate the Damage to the Vaneer, which in return would give you more vaneer to use instead of discarding the damaged sections with holes in it.

But, This goes back to, us varity woodworkers, every method of doing something has the same outcome as what you were looking for in the begining with the finished project.

So if it works for you, then it must be right!

David Pruett said...

Handi -

Thanks again for viewing!

I think this shows the ingenuity of woodworkers and the fact that there are multiple ways of accomplishing the same task.

Handi said...


Agreed, it's what makes us all Different at what we do, Like Dovetails for example.

You got the Router and you got the Hand saw method.

You can use a Bow Saw, Fret Saw, Chisles and the likes, where the Machine can make Great ones, what happens if electric goes out? lol, better learn the Triditinal Ways.


David Pruett said...

Handi -

Another very insightful comment! I one felled swoop you sum up the essence of the esoteric forum discussions . . .