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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Episode #125 - Pen Turing with NBSS Student Mark Ferioli

Pen Turning with North Bennet Street School Student Mark Ferioli - Part 1 of 2

Pen Turning with North Bennet Street School Student Mark Ferioli - Part 2 of 2

This 2 part video series featured Mark Ferioli at the lathe. Mark is a Cabinet and Furniture Making student at the North Bennet Street School in Boston. He had furniture on display at the 60th New England Home Show in Boston. Mark was one of a number of NBSS students that were featured in a booth hosted by NBSS alumni Thomas J. MacDonald from Thomas J. MacDonald Fine Woodworking and The 207 Woodworking Community.

Mark also put on an excellent pen turning demonstration which he kindly allowed me to video. I am sure you will agree he is a dynamic and skilled instructor!

Check out Mark's website at

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Anonymous said...


You did a great job capturing Mark's demonstration of pen turning. That young man was a "natural" in front of your camera. Cecil B. DeMille would be proud of your productions.

FL Wood Rat (AKA Bruce)

usframe said...

Great series of vids you have up, David. Can't wait to spend more time here!


David Pruett said...

Jerry -

Very exciting fro me to see USFRAME on my woodworking blog! Thanks.

Handi said...


Long Time my friend. Loved the video yet once again, I do have to say I was bounced around a little with the editing. But all in all, the information was captured pretty descently.

I just rescently Purchased a Lathe and I've been toying around getting a little experience with it, I've yet got to get a Pen Mandrel and all the required things for making Pens.

But that's Ok, It's not my primary Focus, I think I'm going to work more on Pepper Mills, Small Wooden Bowls and cups. Mabye something Kiddy Style so I can see if I can make a few extra $$$ on my Store lol.

Good to see you are still at it on the videos, My DVD Burne took a crap and I've got my HD full of Videos that needs to come off before I can capture more videos for my Blog.


David Pruett said...

Handi - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope all is well in your shop.

usframe said...


I finally got to watch the pen turning vids all the way through. His explanations and work are great!

David Pruett said...

I always feel honored when the USFRAMe Crew weighs in on the topic . . . thanks!