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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Episode #126 - Thomas MacDonald & WGBH Announcement

WGBH announced today at the New England Home Show plans for a new woodworking show featuring Thomas J. MacDonald. Fans can expect Tommy to raise the bar and bring quality woodworking skills to a wider television audience.

The new, yet to be named show, will consist of basic woodworking techniques, weekend projects, field trips to museums, woodworking schools and other woodworking venues. Featured projects will include a Drum Table, Four Post Bed, Side Chair and other projects to push your woodworking skills. The show will also feature the latest in hand and power tools. Tommy will be fielding viewer questions from blogs, tweets and email.

If you have a great idea for a show name, leave suggestions in your comments.


Anonymous said...

How's this for a name?

"Wicked Sharp Woodworking"


Grover said...

Sounds like it should be good. Looking forward to seeing the new show.

usframe said...

Will the shows be viewable on the Web?

David Pruett said...

Not sure if the show is going to be on the web. I do know there is discussion for a web component that will dovetail (no pun intended!) with the show. Details pending!

David said...

Good news about the show, how about calling it something we all want to get more of, ShopTime , or WorkshopTime?

Handi said...


Long time my friend, I didn't relize you had anymore Post. I was watching some Podcast about Tommy Mac for the Fed Table and in one of the latter episodes he mentioned David from Folding Rule helped or designed the Fan.

And I thought I'd drop by and see if you had anymore post. Getting ready to watch your Beeswax one.

I've got to get my Shop cleaned up and a new computer so I can clean up my Video Camera so I can start doing some more videos, I've taken time off cause my Burner don't work in my Laptop, so I can't burn off videos on my Laptop, nor copy over from my Camera.

So until then, my Podcast for both audio and video are on vacation expecially with money scarce to get what I need lol.