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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Episode #127 - Hot Tip on Discounted Woodworking DVDs

I have a hot tip to share! As you may know from my last blog posting, Thomas MacDonald has teamed up with WGBH to produce a woodworking show. As a result, he is updating the branding of his website. This means awesome savings for woodworkers since he needs to clear his shelves of “MLW branded DVDs”. The DVDs have been seriously discounted. The Tool Box and Step Stool set is available for $40. You can also pick up individual DVDs ... the Tool Box for $25 and the Step Stool for $20.
Once the shelves are clear, Tommy won’t be able to offer these prices in the future. He also won’t be selling them direct any longer since he is working on offering them in stores soon. Please consider taking advantage of this incredible offer while it's still available. Currently, his inventory is about 100 of each DVD.


Click here to check out the Fine Woodworking Blog entry announcing Tommy's venture with WGBH.


Bruce Somers said...

David.....I have both sets already and their quality is fantastic. At these prices, they should fly off the shelf. I can't wait to see what Project #3 is.

David Pruett said...

Bruce - Agreed! Last time I heard from Tommy they are selling fairly rapidly. I suspect the supply will not last long! I'm looking forward project #3 as well.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................