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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Episode #8 - Veneering Part VI

Loading the Vacuum Press

Click here for large format version video on BlipTV

This episode covers glue-up of the “veneer package” leading to the final episode loading the vacuum press.

Well, this is the last of this set of video episodes completing my first run at a veneering project. The panel turned out great and I am looking forward to exploring other wood species. This was a lot of fun.

Finally the vacuum press is loaded!

The vacuum quick connector attached to the vacuum bag

Final 1/4 inch MDF hardboard panel veneered with Movingu

Close-up of panel edge

The final (light colored) panel taped up to a cherry quilt chest frame for comparison

finis . . . for now!

Thanks to Neil Lamens at Furnitology Productions
for the inspiration to start veneering!

Furnitology Blog

Furnitology Productions

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