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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Episode #9 - Veneering Part VII

Vacuum Bag Storage Container

Download PDF Instructions to Build Your Own Vacuum Press Bag Storage Container

One of the first things I did after my vacuum press and vacuum bag arrived in the mail was to make a storage container for my bag so it will not get damaged. I used six inch rigid poly drain pipe and end caps to make this container. My goal was to protect the bag, valve and end clamp.

Cutting to length on the chop saw

Drain pipe cut to length and ready for assembly

Getting ready to epoxy the end cap in place

End cap labeled and ready for use - I marked this cap with green tape to make it easy to identify which end to open

Project done - ready to store the bag

Sliding the bag in the storage tube - notice how this will protect the valve and bag

Finis for now . . .

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