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Friday, December 28, 2007

Episode #32 - New-Fangled Workbench - Part IV

Happy Holidays to all of my woodworking buddies! I am looking forward to an exciting year in the shop. I wonder what is in store for the year 2008?

I have a couple of projects underway in the shop which I will share on this blog. I have a shadow box planned for my son for some of his Scouting collectibles. I am also considering making him a replica of Civil War Officer's Field Desk out of fir for him to store his growing Civil War relic collection. This should be a good project to hone my hand joinery skills! The good news for me is that these desks were somewhat rustic so less than perfect joinery would actually be appropriate taking the pressure off my end of things.

My build of a modified New-Fangled workbench is underway. I finalized my version with a SketchUp rendering. As I mentioned before, this is perhaps the best tool to make its way into my shop! I am sure I avoided some costly and time consuming mistakes by working out the details in SketchUp. I also have a commissioned cherry display pedestal for a special bronze. Sounds like I have my hands full and the year hasn't even started yet!

Today I began dimensioning the KD Douglas Fir for my bench.It was a long day planing and I am glad it is done . . . those fir 4 x 4 posts are heavy to be swinging around and feeding into the planner!


Unknown said...

David....really good!!! Like the heater transition, good stuff.

Now I'm antsy and wondering where all that stock is going!!! And where did you hide those 4x4's. When you are done, we'll evaluate how good Matt's wood pick'in eye is.

Exciting to watch a piece being built, I need to go back to the Sketch-up posts.....figure out the changes you're going to make. OH, the next time you send a Pruett to Rockler, have them stop at my shop first.

David Pruett said...

Neil -

Thanks for the kind comment. More than that thank you for your advice, mentoring and support!

The 4x4 posts will be used for the leg structure. Bit heavy I know . . . I am satisfying a passion for timber framing . . . just like the posts better than thinner stock.

I think Beth would love to stop by your shop!