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Friday, January 18, 2008

Episode #36 - New-Fangled Workbench - Part VII


This is a quick update as we are just about to head out of town to the mountains for some fun in the snow. I guess I can’t spend all my free time in the shop . . . or at least that’s what I’m told! I put this together in a few minutes while waiting for the kids to get home from school. As I alluded to in a prior episode, I need to complete this bench top as soon as possible. I have a commissioned project getting underway. I have decided that it time to start working on a decent work surface! I will complete the legs and base cabinet that project is competed and delivered.

This episode brings us up-to-date with the bench top sub-assembly. Construction is dimensioned kiln-dried Douglas fir framing lumber. Joinery is loose tenon with a Festool Domino. A number of design changes have been made during construction which will be reflected in an updated SketchUp rendering. The 4/4 hard maple top has been replaced with 3/4 inch MDF. I chose MDF because it is a relatively dimensionally stable material that can be readily replaced. I also had a 4 x 10 sheet in the shop that was available free! Another design change is insetting 1/8 inch 1 x 1 steel angle iron on the ends of the bench to help attenuate seasonal movement that could affect flatness. We will see how this works out in the future!

The episode concludes with some new hand tools being added to the shop, as well as, a couple of books to my reference library.

Thanks for stopping by . . . now we are off to the mountains for some fun in the snow!

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Shop power by Sisters Coffee!


Unknown said...

Hi the model and the design change explanations. The use of the angle and the domino's to bore into, you've got some great thought into your bench.

With all your upgrades next you'll have to build a new storage cabinet.

Keep us posted on the chisels. Have you decided how you are going to contain your water when using your new sharpening stones??? I would really like to know "your" solution there.

Hope your family weekend is/was fun filled!!


David Pruett said...

Neil -

Thanks! I appreciate your comments. I view the bench as a journey all of take at one time or another. It would be much easier (and likely cheaper in the long run) to just buy a bench. Certainly less time consuming! I am enjoying the process and the learning opportunity.

A storage cabinet in sin the works . . !

I will keep you up to date on the chisels and water stones.

Just got back from the mountain . . . great snow and an awesome day!