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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Episode #44 - New-Fangled Workbench Casters

This short episode shows installation of the dual locking casters on cherry hardwood washers. The cherry mounting washers are mounted on the sled feet with glue and Miller Dowels. The washers have 1/4-20 steel threaded inserts for the casters. This will allow easy tightening and replacement if needed.


Miller Dowels

Miller Dowel Company Video

Woodcraft – Dual Locking Casters


Vic Hubbard said...

Well, Hey neighbor! I didn't realize you were so close, Dave. I live over here in the Tri-Cities. When I get to Portland, what are some of the better places to get lumber, preferable in the rough? I'm almost done building the shop. After placing equipment, I'm gonna build Chris Schwarz' version of the French bench. I can't wait! If you ever get to this area, drop me a line and stop by for a beer.

David Pruett said...

Vic -

Thanks for the comment. I usually get rough lumber at Woodcrafters or Rockler. There are some large hardwood distributors out near the airport that I plan on exploring, as well as, a small custom mill that we pass on frequent trips to Sisters. I will keep you posted! I have enjoyed the build of this bench and have come to realize that I will likely build another bench in the future. For now, I am glad to make the move from a set of saw horses and a sheet of MDF.

Thanks again for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

what kind of casters are those?

Anonymous said...

what kind of casters are those?