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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Episode #45 - New-Fangeld Workbench Planing Beam

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This episode shows the details of the planing beam modifications I made to the original design. I made the planing clamp removable so it isn't in the way. I also lined the planing vice with leather to protect the edges of material being planed. I also added a removable work lamp to the rear T-track.


Unknown said...

David.........the New "Modified" Fangled Workbench came out great!!!

Bet that was a lot of fun, getting the first board in to plane. Testing the beam, one wedge, 2 wedge, different planing angles, move the light for better visibility, slide the light out of the'll be taking the new fangled workbench to new heights as woodworkers see the flexibility in the T-trak approach.

Looked like your work height was nice also, appears just below your elbows....does it feel good???

The foundation project complete ..NEXT!!!

Really impressed David.....Neil

David Pruett said...

Neil -

Thanks for the comments and stopping by to see how the bench is progressing. I am pretty happy with it and it has a good feel. It is already getting put to use with my next project. It is a happy feeling to look at the saw horses and MDF propped up in the corner of the garage.


Vic Hubbard said...

I bet that is a great feeling. I really like your take on this bench. I'm planning on building Schwartz' french bench, but now I'm thinking about incorporating the T-slots! How is that puppy for weight,by the way?


David Pruett said...

Vic -

Thanks for the comments. The bench is working out well. I have paused a bit on its construction as I have another project underway in the shop. The planing beam is an incredible feature that is a real joy to use. The bench is heavy with enough mass to hold still while hand planing. I admire Chris Schwartz' french bench . . . would strongly consider building one in the future. For now I am ecstatic to get off my old sheet of MDF!


Vic Hubbard said...

Well Dave,
The biggest reason I'm tackling the French bench first, is my buddy and I got our hands on an old barn a couple years ago. It's all old growth red fir, extremely dense. Unfortunately, it's not much good for furniture due to too many knots. But I can salvage plenty for glue-ups for the top, legs and stretchers.

I want to start scouring the country in my area to find more old barns. Most are abandoned and falling down.

Again, great bench you're creating


Michael Davis said...

Hello David, now that it's been a little over a year since you've completed the "New Fangled Workbench," I was wondering if you might make a follow-up blog entry.

I am interested in seeing some of the attachments you've made to fit the t-tracks, such as the light you have attached to the back of the bench and how it works.

I would like to hear what you might do different now after using the bench for a year.

Close-up pictures such as that from Episode #37 is very helpful. The videos are great, but since most of the camera work is at a stationary distance (of necessity of course) it is not always easy to see what you were doing while building the bench.

I would to see the planing beam in action; how you use it and changes, if any you might make.

As always, thank you very much for your contributions

David Pruett said...

Michael -

Thank you for the comment. I would be happy to make a follow up posting on the New-Fangled Workbench. Things have gotten a bit busy and other projects have derailed me a bit. It has been a year and I do feel comfortable discussing what I like and dislike about the bench . . . of course I have to take full responsibility for any negative aspects since I modified the original design!

I do have a Festool accessory in the works which was posted in episode #96.


I will put a follow up postin on my blog to-do-list.