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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Episode #49 - Cherry Pedestal


Cherry Display Pedestal – Part III
Veneering – Layout & Cutting Veneer Panels

This episode covers the layout and cutting of veneer for the panels. Keep your eye on the veneer design elements! These 4x8 sheets of 2-ply veneer were a bit difficult to manage single handed so I had to resort to pulling out my extra heavy-duty 175 pound bench clamp to help cut the veneer for the panels!

I suffered from the "headless woodworker" syndrome on this episode . . . I figured the veneer was better to look at than my ugly mug!

During the Cherry Pedestal Veneering episodes I had some technical problems with my microphone, so please accept in advance my apologies for the poor audio quality!


Unknown said...

Hi David:

What audio issue......sounds fine!

What I like about the way you are showing us the pedestal, is that you've created the visual of where the cherry cathedrals are to show and now we know down the road, where to look, and why.

Curious about what you find for the door panels.


David Pruett said...

Neil -

I have a couple of ideas for the door panels. Perhaps I could run those ideas past you for some input?