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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Episode #57 - Cherry Pedestal - Finishing

Cherry Pedestal Photo UPDATE - Finishing

Congratulations again to Frank Thorton from Springfield, Illinois for winning the Kreg Jig Project Drawing!

Well, I believe every project has something to offer for the builder in terms of advancing their craft. This project is no exception. In a future post I plan on reviewing what I learned, what went well and what I would do different next time . . . sort of a post project wrap-up if you will. Right now I am happily applying finish and hope to meet my anticipated delivery date early next week.

View of back & side of pedestal carcase

One of the best moments of any project is the finishing phase. I followed some sound advice and started working out the finishing schedule early in the building process. As soon as I was ready to put panels in the vacuum press, I made a couple of extra panels to test my proposed finish schedule. I have started to use Tried & True Wood Finishes in my shop because they manufacture a fine natural and safe wood finishing product that provides excellent and consistent results.

Front view of pedestal carcase

A quote from the Tried & True website: "Tried & True Wood Finishes has combined some new and some old ideas to create the best oil finishes made. We use 18th century varnish making techniques and the best natural ingredients to make environmentally safe wood finishes that make no compromise for beauty, durability,or safety."

Frame & panel door with book matched cherry veneer panel

Tried & True Wood Finishes are available from Woodcraft.

Finish Schedule
  1. Finish sand to 220
  2. Burnish with grey (fine) abrasive pad
  3. Wash coat of 1# cut amber shellac
  4. One coat of Tried & True Danish Oil
  5. Three coats of Tried & True Varnish Oil
  6. Two coats of Liberon Black Bison "Victorian Mahogany" Fine Paste Wax
  7. One coat of Liberon Black Bison "Natural" Fine Paste Wax

Something new in my shop that I found very helpful are Painter’s Pyramids. These have essentially replaced my prior system of dowel pins set in a pegboard base. Painter’s Pyramids are made of durable easy to clean plastic with soft rounded corners that don’t mar your work surface. Plus they are of uniform height and easy to clean!

Painter’s Pyramids are available from Rockler or Woodcraft.


Anonymous said...


Your project is looking very nice. I've used the Tried & Trus Varnish Oil in the past and found it to be a very nice finish on Cherry. Your experience is no exception if he photos are true to form. Nice work.

The Craftsman's Path

David Pruett said...

Mark -

Thanks! I followed your Queen Anne Table build and finish with a great deal of interest. Outstanding work! I admire your craftsmanship and attention to detail.