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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Episode #59 – Cherry Pedestal – Finished!

Cherry Pedestal Photo UPDATE – Finish(ed)!

It was with mixed feelings that I lifted the pedestal off my bench with the help of my daughter. We carried it inside for a few photos and to wait safely until delivery tomorrow. By the time the finish schedule is completed, your hand has become intimately familiar with every grain, nook & granny of the project. Interestingly, this phase is almost as time consuming as the building phase requiring the same level of patience and attention to detail.

As I was buffing the final coat of wax, I thought of a quote by Glen Huey from the most recent issue of
Woodworking Magazine.

“While finishing already takes nearly as much time as building the project, why would you want to add another step to the process?”

- Glen D. Huey, Senior Editor
Glazing for the Ages (pp. 30-31)
Woodworking Magazine • Spring 2008

He of course was referring to adding glaze to the finish process. While I did not glaze this project, I did add a layer of Victorian Mahogany Wax to the finish schedule. I think the result was worth the extra couple of hours needed to apply and then buff out the colored wax layer. All in all it took well over a week to apply the layers of oil and wax.

I always put one of my brass makers marks in a discrete location on each major project. This time I also added a small label giving credit to those that provided inspiration.

The building process is interesting and at times an all-consuming endeavor. I would add to Glen’s commentary that the design process can take as long as the building process, which can take as much time as the finishing process! This evening I was reviewing my project notebook and realized this project started November 2007 when a commission bid request arrived on our FAX machine. Sketches, emails, SketchUp renderings and a full sized drawing lead the way to the building phase.

I learned a lot from this project which I will review in a future episode. For now, I am relaxing and happy knowing that tomorrow I will deliver the pedestal to its future owner.

finis for now . . .

Click for details: Cherry Display Pedestal


Unknown said...

WOW!!!!!! David.......nicely done. You've got alot of details that obviuosly show decisions... to be seen on completion.

I know its all subjective, but my favorite part is the wood selection on the RSF Door stiles and leaving the sap wood in the vertical. Love that!!!!! Also the drawer front selection was an interesting peak into what you see. Hummm ...a bit more woodworking risk in future pieces????

David, I'm excited about reading your experience within the process.

An honor to be a part of the Makers Mark

Thank you.........Neil

Mike said...

Nice work! Thank you for taking your audience along for the ride. I look forward to the next project.


David Pruett said...

Neil -

Thanks for the encouragement and design input!

Mike -

Thanks for the kind words!