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Friday, October 23, 2009

Episode #117 – Inlay Series Part 5: Inset Routing

This episode demonstrates cutting the leaf inset and routing the leaf shaped recess using the template guide and the router inlay kit. We start of by quickly adding the cherry veneer from the previous episode. The router inlay kit made short work of cutting three leaf inserts from the stack of veneer. Reinforcing the thin and delicate veneer sheets with gummed paper tape provides enough protection to insure sharp clean edges and an unbroken leaf tip. Remember to make this cut without the bushing collar. (Don’t ask why I am emphasizing this obvious point!)

Once the leaf inserts are free, we reapply the template to the stock that receives the recess. This cut is made with the bushing collar. Depth of cut is set just shallow of the leaf insert thickness. This results in the leaf insert being just proud of the surface when inset into the panel recess. Later the leaf will be scraped flush to the panel surface.

Despite having the video equipment set up and ready to go for this episode, I ended up with no audio. Seems you have to remember to turn on the receiver for the wireless mic! It was impossible to re-shoot the video. So, after realizing this stupid mistake, I added some background music and voice overlay.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Episode #116 - Inlay Series Part 4: Inspiration & Extras

This episode is a quick break in the inlay action to cover the inspirational resources for this procedure and to answer a comment from episode #2.

Chuck Middleton, a prolific period woodworker and active MLW 207 Forum contributor at Major League Woodworking, questioned “Instead of using a pin nailer, could you use thinner cardboard, such as, from a cereal box and than use a hand stapler to hold the packet together?” The short answer is yes, with some limitations. Stay tuned and see how this low cost alternative works out!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Episode #115 - Inlay Series Part 3: Cutting the Motif

This episode continues exploration of an inlay process that combines techniques from marguetry and the standard router inlay kit. A scroll saw is used to cut along the leaf central vein. The leaf parts are then recombined with 2 inch gummed paper tape. Because the veneer blanks were orientated 90° to each other, when recombined we now have the grain orientated approximately 45° off the central vein. At the close of this episode we will be ready to use the router inlay kit to cut out the veneer leaf insert.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Episode #114 - Inlay Series Part 2: Make The Packet

This episode continues the Inlay Series by demonstrating how to make the veneer packet using lightweight bookbinder's sheet cardboard available from an art store and veneer from my small collection. Bear with me as I shot this footage while working in between the tripod legs while watching the small monitor screen on the camera!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Episode #113 - Inlay Series Part 1: An Overview

A Novel Approach to Inlay Combining Marquetry and Router Inlay Kit.

This episode is the first in a series showing a method I worked out to inlay an aspen leaf motif. The technique combines methods from marquetry with a router inlay kit. In this episode we get an overview of tools and materials.

I am enjoying a chance to finally get back into the shop after a busy summer. As summer approached I had grand plans of completing a few projects and a couple of video series. Things did not work out quite as planned. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to post a blog entry since July!

Shop time ended up being family time and I have no regrets. A fellow woodworker and blogger that I admire told me that he never has big plans for the shop during summer and actually said it is the slowest time because of other commitments. I wish I had that bit of advice back in June!