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Friday, October 23, 2009

Episode #117 – Inlay Series Part 5: Inset Routing

This episode demonstrates cutting the leaf inset and routing the leaf shaped recess using the template guide and the router inlay kit. We start of by quickly adding the cherry veneer from the previous episode. The router inlay kit made short work of cutting three leaf inserts from the stack of veneer. Reinforcing the thin and delicate veneer sheets with gummed paper tape provides enough protection to insure sharp clean edges and an unbroken leaf tip. Remember to make this cut without the bushing collar. (Don’t ask why I am emphasizing this obvious point!)

Once the leaf inserts are free, we reapply the template to the stock that receives the recess. This cut is made with the bushing collar. Depth of cut is set just shallow of the leaf insert thickness. This results in the leaf insert being just proud of the surface when inset into the panel recess. Later the leaf will be scraped flush to the panel surface.

Despite having the video equipment set up and ready to go for this episode, I ended up with no audio. Seems you have to remember to turn on the receiver for the wireless mic! It was impossible to re-shoot the video. So, after realizing this stupid mistake, I added some background music and voice overlay.


Handi said...


I just got finished watching this video, sorry to hear you fubbed on the Audio, but you done a great job recovering.

Here is a Suggestion.

You mentioned using the Razor Blade Cover with a Strip of Masking Tape. To set the Depth of the Bit. What about if you used the Vaneer with the Gummed Tape on the bottom as a Depth Guide? Where you have the Gummed Tape overlapped in a few areas, what about using that as a Depth Guide?

This way there is no Guessing or eyeballing or anything, Just open up the Depth Gage, Fit in the Vaneer with the Gum Tape Set it to the thickness, then you are ready to go!

I believe this should work, if not, then disreguard what I said lol


David Pruett said...

Handi -

Well, you will get a kick out of this. I did exactly as you said the first time I did this. I thought I was being VERY clever. Well the problem is that you don't want the inlay flush with the surface right out of the router. The reason is because you want it sitting a bit proud of the surface when it goes into the clamps so that you will end up being able to gently scape the inlay level with the surface of the panel.

As always, thanks for watching!


Handi said...


Well i relized that, cause inlay is the purpose of putting an imagine in another piece of wood, you can do it on the Scroll Saw as well, but quite differently as well. Hopefully once i get all the video off my Drive and my Camera, I can do my inlay Video.

But anyway, I was thinking, when you reset the depth with the card Scraper making it Flush, Once you done that, You set the Depth.

That's why I mentioned, doing so, i might have to watch the Video again lol.


Mark Mazzo said...

Hey David,

Another nice episode. Good recovery from the audio mishap as well!

I understand that you wanted to route the cavity for the leaf so that it remains a littler proud to facilitate scraping it flush when it's glued in.

How about using the veneer for your spacer without the addition of the veneer tape? This would leave it proud just the thickness of the veneer tape.

Another thought would be to set the thickness with the veneer with the veneer tape applied and then add a layer of masking tape to the underside of the router base to raise it slightly. Admittedly this would be a bit more work and not as simple.

Looking forward t the next episode!

The Craftsman's Path

David Pruett said...

Mark -

Both excellent and workable solutions. I am the victim of over thinking the process! Thanks.